2022 categories

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The only award of its kind, the Power 50 ranks the UK mobile industry’s most influential individuals. Find out more info here.

Shop Idol is the ultimate search for the nation's best mobile store salesperson. Hundreds of entrants from every major retailer take part in Mystery Shops, interviews and challenges to determine their product knowledge, customer service skills and of course, their sales power! Find out more info here.

Shop Idol is the ultimate search for the nation's best mobile virtual salesperson. Hundreds of entrants from every major retailer take part in Mystery Shops, interviews and challenges to determine their product knowledge, customer service skills and of course, their sales power! Find out more info here.


This award is open to a start-up business that is under two years old and operating within the the UK mobile industry.

Continuous innovation is essential for any business wanting to keep customers excited and adapt to market trends. This category recognises the innovation that stands out across the entire industry.

Bringing products and services to life is one of the most important activities a company can undertake and the job that an agency does can genuinely make or break the success of the technology in hand. This category recognises strong collaborative efforts between agencies and brands.

The Corporate Social Responsibility award honours the company in the mobile industry that makes the most important contributions to their community or wider society.

The issue of sustainability is at the forefront of everyone in the mobile industry's minds. Mobile technology can enable other industries to reduce emissions, while there are always ways that the industry itself can go further on the journey to net zero. This award recognises projects that have a positive impact on the industry or wider society, rewarding innovation and success.

Across the Mobile Industry, the creation of a company culture is essential but it is far from easy. It’s more than just a vision, it’s something the collective can unite behind and give purpose to their employment. How has your company created an engaging and inclusive, diverse culture that’s brought staff together, improved their experience and the company’s performance as a result?

Channel & Service

If business are to maintain a competitive edge, they need high quality and innovative mobile services and solutions. This category combines unified communications providers, mobile dealers, and managed service providers to recognise excellence in these fields.

This award recognises the provider that best delivers opportunities for the channel and rewards the company that has opened up and developed markets through its activities.

This award recognises the company that has acted as a helpful and supportive partner to customers and clients alike, celebrating close collaboration and innovation that benefits all parties

As mobile technology becomes increasingly important to our everyday lives, device insurance ensures consumers can get a rapid repair or replacement should their device be damaged, lost or stolen. This category rewards the company that offers the best service and retains customers year-after-year.


Retail is the most powerful sales channel in the UK mobile space. It demands the seamless integration of sales, logistics, marketing and purchasing to survive, and excellence and innovation in these areas to thrive. This award goes to the retailer (instore and/or online) that has done more than any other to deliver both a great customer experience and results

Repairs can often be a stressful or expensive experience, and this category recognises the best repair service, whether online or in-store. This award recognises the provider that does more than any other to deliver a great service.

Recycling is a great way for consumers to save money on a new device and help the environment. This award recognises the best service whether it's online or in store.


This category is designed to reward the very best the industry has to offer when it comes to champion and support the networks dependent on their services.

This category looks to celebrate virtual networks and sub brands, as well as those simply driving innovation on a network.

With flexible working and productivity at the forefront of everyone's mind in our modern world, the importance of reliable, high speed mobile connectivity is higher than ever continue to grow. This award celebrate the operator which meets these demands while delivering first class support and a service tailored to individual business needs.

5G has unlocked a new era for the mobile industry, transforming existing use cases and enabling entirely new applications. This category rewards those that have managed to help realise the potential of 5G through an innovative service or product, either for end users or for the mobile industry itself.

This category rewards products/services that maximise the benefits of 5G in a way that simply wasn't possible with previous generations of mobile technology, delivering significant benefits for consumers, businesses or the mobile industry.

This award looks to celebrate the UK mobile operator that goes above and beyond to provide its customers with a top-class network experience, celebrating innovation, customer care, and technical excellence.

Phones & Accessories

This category is designed to recognise the impact field marketing teams have on the success of the business as a whole, thanks to their work in educating and training high street and contact centre retail staff.

This award recognises the accessory manufacturer that has the best range, partnerships and overall service, supporting partners and customers with great products.

This award recognises the smartphone manufacturer which has best leveraged its product range, market position and relationships to drive its overall strategy and reputation within the industry and beyond.

This category recognised the device worthy of being crowned the best phone of the year. We are looking for technology launched and on sale between October 1 2021 and July 30 2022.