Full Name
Itret Latif
Job Title
Federation of Communication Services
Chief Executive Officer
Itret Latif was appointed CEO of the Federation of Communications Services (FCS) at the beginning 2019. He has held several leading non-executive positions in Telecoms and Energy and has been invited to provide evidence to both the House of Commons and House of Lords select committees on telecoms and energy. In his evidence to the House of Lords in 2012 he was the first to identify broadband as an essential service and a utility. At the same hearing, he called for Regulatory change and restructuring of BT with Openreach being separated to become a legal entity owning both the infrastructure assets and engineering operation. Itret has an energy utility background, as a former senior executive of Scottish and Southern Energy plc (SSE), he established and headed highly profitable SSE retail telecoms and gas businesses. He joined the FCS board in 2009 and was appointed FCS Deputy Chairman in summer 2016. He also brings more than 18 years of telecoms and energy industry leadership, regulatory and policy development expertise and management experience.
Itret Latif