2022 dates announced soon

ABOUT the competition

Our mission is to find the nation’s top mobile phone salespeople and ultimately to find the best of the best - awarding someone as Salesperson of the Year - of our Shop Idol competition. With the ever-changing way consumers now purchase mobile phones, we have opened up the competition to not just those who work in retail stores but also contact centres. 

We want to find the person who not only has the product knowledge but can apply that and deliver the best solution for consumers — making them our Shop Idol Salesperson of the Year.


Elise Howard - EE

WELL done to our 2021 FINAL 6 CONTESTANTS

Chloe Bavaird - EE

Elise Howard - EE

Joanna Holmes - Three

James Ofield - Three

Lisa Wilding - Vodafone

Sana Ali - Dixons


Adil Riaz - Vodafone

Alex Nowis - Three
Charlene Payne - Vodafone
Chloe Bavaird - EE
Chloe Cannoc - Dixons
Chris Clarke - Dixons
Elise Howard - EE
Florina Sterparu - Three
Haseeb Kamran - Vodafone
Huss Zarei - EE
Jake Whittle - Dixons
James Ofield - Three
Joanna Holmes - Three
Joe Williams - EE
Josh Stoneman - Three
Kelli Carroll - EE
Lisa Wilding - Vodafone
Mohammad Ossman - BT
Oliver Rainbow - Dixons
Rhys Jones - Dixons
Riad Yagoub - Three
Ricardo Fontinha - O2
Richard Cordon - Vodafone
Robert Gosling - Three
Rodica Turcin - Vodafone
Sam Webb - Vodafone
Sana Ali - Dixons
Shane Oneill - EE
William Wilson - Dixons

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